Versatile ceramic, luminous glass, natural stone, and fine porcelain are just some of the diverse offerings you’ll view at Tile Depot. Whether you’re trimming off a countertop, surrounding a fireplace, or creating a decorative mosaic entranceway your client will just love the way an ordinary installation turns into an extraordinary masterpiece.

It’s not uncommon for a designer to spend time in our display area to soak up the ambience and get inspired in the drama of being surrounded by thousands of magnificent designs. Clearly, tile is our passion!

Builders and designers turn to Tile Depot not merely for our extensive selection of tiles but also for the ease and pleasure of shopping here. Our unique quoting system, efficient project assistance, and reliable delivery service distinguish Tile Depot.

Sales Representatives

A highly trained staff at the Tile Depot combines decade of industry experience with courtesy and Patience to materialize your dreams accommodate your specific needs.


Client Support Service

Our knowledgeable staff will attend meetings and conduct on-site Conferences to help you achieve your interior concept regardless of your budget or logistical limitations.


Quoting System

Our unique quoting system was designed with our customers in mind. Quick and precise calculations enable orders to be processed speedily and conveniently.


Project Assistance

Choosing the right surface tile for a specific area or design can be complex. Our skilled associates will guide you in interpreting your client’s vision and selecting a product that is most suitable for your project.



Tile Depot caters to builders and designers andis capable of providing you with any kind of tile you request at guaranteed special prices, maintaining the highest standard of quality and durability.



With our superior facilities and efficient personnel, we are able to coordinate, source and deliver every type of job with guaranteed speed and satisfaction.